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Arctic Air Cryogen vs. Competition

Only US Based Filler

Any company that sells Cryogen in the USA in the 650g or 1000g canisters is a 3rd party vendor (yes, even the company who makes these lasers), they are NOT manufacturers. They purchase cylinders already filled from other companies and then resell. It is very tough to QC procedures this way. Arctic Air Cryogen is the only company that directly purchases R134A from producers and fills and distributes its own product.

Proper Filling

At Arctic Air Cryogen we do not refill our cylinders as recommended by the cylinder manufacturer specifications themselves. Prior to the filling of R134A, the cylinders have Nitrogen inside from the cylinder manufacturer. Arctic Air Cryogen has the ability to vacuum out this nitrogen completely with an additional step prior to filling with R134A. This process if not done, can bog down your lasers (No lasers, No money).

Other Processes

Additionally Arctic Air Cryogen has a sterile room where every cylinder is alcohol wiped and sanitized prior to being shipped, to keep contaminants out. We also use a heavy-duty packing system for shipping, so there is no damage to the cylinders..

Don't Be Fooled

There are many titles and descriptions that other companies label their cryogen for marketing purposes. There are only two types of Cryogen in the 650g and 1000g cylinders, Refrigerant Grade and Inhalant Grade. We offer the highest quality ultra pure cryogen specifically used for these laser systems.

24/7 Hotline

At Arctic Air Cryogen we want you to know that we have your back. We are the only Cryogen filling company that offers a 24 hour hotline for emergencies.

Price Guarantee

Arctic Air Cryogen offers the absolute lowest price for ultra pure cryogen on the market, guaranteed!

Hand Piece Repair

Don’t throw your damaged hand pieces in the closet! Arctic Air Cryogen offers fiber repair services for many laser delivery systems. Fiber delivery systems are considered disposables and are not covered by most service contracts. Pricing of replacement fiber assemblies range and can be in the thousands. Having your hand piece repaired will save you $$ and will last just as long as a replacement. Since failures can occur in many ways it is necessary to send it in for a free quote. Quick turn around times to minimize downtime, typically 2-3 days.

Laser Service and Maintenance

Lengthen the life of your laser and increase your ROI. Flexible Service Plans Designed To Fit Any Budget Or Need. We know firsthand that your equipment must be kept up to OEM specifications in order to bring the return on investment you need. That's why each level of support offers benefits and advantages designed to fit your needs. From Time and materials, Preventative Maintenance and Full Service Contract Plans.


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